Bimatoprost Eyelashes Serum

Take your short and thin lashes to great heights with a powerful, easy-to-use eyelash serum from Bimatoprost, it promotes growth and lengthening of lashes. Everyone desire of full feathery lashes, but very few are blessed with it. If you don’t have eye catchy lashes, there is no need to worry. We have option of a beauty product to enhance the growth and shine of your lashes. It may take a few weeks for visible results, but many women have already experienced this product and they are very happy with its results.  Bimatoprost Eyelashes Serum delivers stunning development. It is lightweight enough to wear under make-up and helps you achieve your maximum length.

 Benefits of Eyelashes Serum

 It is easy to apply and also shield your lashes from external variants to keep them from breaking. It is very lightweight and can be wear under eye make-up.

 It grows the ultra-lush length. This bimatoprost serum works to extend your lashes length in each use. Apply it under make-up as a primer, or use at night and leave it to work their magic.

 Directions to Use Careprost-

 Clean your eyelashes and apply the Careprost serum on your lashes from inward to outward (wriggling) motion gently. Repeat the serum application by applying another coat.