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If you have ever wished for a large number of long and thick lash strands without restoring to cosmetic products like mascara, false lashes, and eyelash extensions, then read below how easy it is with Latisse generic (a popular lash enhancing product). Generic Latisse is used for faster growth of lashes, and hence it is a popular product amongst women. It enhances your look by accelerating the growth of your short lash strands. The product makes the eyes look more appealing and attractive, giving you that gorgeous strand of eyelashes you always dreamt of. Buy the cosmetic product to enjoy the enormous benefits that it offers.

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Generic Careprost vs Latisse is available in the form of ophthalmic solution for topical administration. You can easily get it online and save yourself from the unnecessary hassle of wandering from drug store to the other shops. By ordering the eye drops online, you can save your time as well as money as it is available for sale at some online stores. is an one such online cosmetic store that carries out Latisse Generic on sale, which makes it profitable deal for the customers who purchase this ophthalmic preparation for eyelash care.

 Application instructions for Latisse

Before you plan to buy Latisse Generic online, it is important to know how to use it. Before applying the solution, clean your face, and hands, remove the contact lenses if any. It is once a night ophthalmic preparation; you only need to apply one drop with the help of sterile disposable applicators that comes along with it. Apply to the upper lash line without dropping the solution anywhere on the skin surface. Wipe the excess formulation with the help of tissue or a piece of cotton to avoid unwanted hair growth. Do not apply on the lower eyelid margin.