Eflora cream for reduced unwanted Hair growth

Excessive facial hair is one of the most embarrassing things for a woman. The condition has the name hirsuitism, results in excessive hair growth, which is caused by the overproduction of androgens.

A secret to the removal of facial hair

Unwanted facial hair in women is a common problem, and genetics determine how prone a woman is to have excessive facial hair. Mostly women are affected by the presence of unwanted hair growth on the upper lips, and chin area. The unwanted growth can be a source of distress, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, which ultimately reduced the quality of life.

More women than you think, spend a lot of time removing facial hair. Many women have to deal with the burden of removing unwanted hair at least once a week.  A few years ago, shaving was the only way to get rid of unwanted facial hair growth which has many adverse effects. Moreover, many women make a blunder by shaving their facial hair because shaving causes stubble.

Some women realized the fact, and they turned on to waxing as an alternative to shaving. These days more women opting for waxing as a solution to facial hair growth because it is inexpensive, last longer and gentle on facial skin as compared to shaving.

While there is no permanent solution to stop facial hair growth, there is one way to slow down hair growth, prevent stubble, and keep your facial hairless for an extended period. One of the most effective formulations available in the market that will reduce the appearance of facial hair is Eflora cream. The topical medication contains Eflornithine, which  exerts its action by blocking the natural substance hair needs to grow. One of the reasons why the product is gaining popularity is that its active pharmaceutical agent Eflornithine Hcl is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the only drug that can reduce facial hair growth in men.

Get rid of unwanted facial hair growth with Eflora cream

There are topical preparations including creams and lotions that are used for improving the appearance of facial skin. Some of them are specially designed to help women improve their looks. Eflora cream is one such product that is widely used to reduce the facial hair growth caused due to the adverse effect of ageing or excessive production of androgen hormone.

Dermatologists prescribe this hair removal cream to every woman who wants to get rid of unwanted hair growth. The cream can be used by the male to female transsexuals as well to reduce facial hair growth.

The active element present in Eflora cream is Eflornithine. The topical formulation has the same enzyme that is found in hair follicles, and it plays a key role in aggravating hair growth. Ornithine decarboxylase is required to stimulate hair growth in the growth phase of the hair follicle cycle. The active pharmaceutical agent Eflornithine simply stops its production. It is an essential protein needed for hair growth.

Slow facial hair growth with Eflora

Eflora cream is for lessening the growth of facial hair in women. Apply the preparation to the affected area of the face, or chin. You are not allowed to wash the treated area at least for four hours.

 Like other topical preparation, Eflora should also apply carefully on the facial skin. A woman is not supposed to apply the cream if she is allergic to its active ingredient eflornithine hcl 13.9 cream. The cream is for external use only, so avoid contact with eyes, nose, mouth, or vaginal area.

In addition to its intended effects, Eflora cream has a few side effects such as redness of the skin, temporary burning, and stinging in the affected area. 


Don’t let the facial hair ruin your looks! Make sure your facial hairs are not noticeable or even visible. You have the power to do something about it, so take the position and get on the path to no facial hair and softer skin.