Products containing Bimatoprost Ophthalmic solution

When it comes to physical beauty, it is difficult to find anything that makes a dramatic difference in the appearance of eyelashes. Whether natural or artificial, a long and dark lash line feminizes the eye. One can generally choose an eyelash enhancer based upon their class of the main ingredient with most effective eyelash enhancer usually containing a Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution like Bimat, Careprost, and Latisse.

Use Bimatoprost to get rid of false eyelashes

If you have got long, thick, and dark eyelashes, then you are amongst those lucky ladies who don't need artificial alternatives to flaunt beautiful long lashes. It is the dream of every woman to have beautiful, long, and thick eyelashes. In the desire of having long lash strands, many women use false eyelashes to look beautiful unaware of the fact that the artificial ones are harming their real ones. Fake eyelashes are single synthetic fibers that are glued one by one to your real ones. These only ends up losing your real ones. If you want to make your eyelashes get thicker and longer in a convenient way, products containing Bimatoprost Ophthalmic could grow eyelashes rapidly and naturally. The active ingredient is considered as the best way to solve the problem of eyelash growth.

Products containing Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

Each of these products mentioned above will work to grow your lashes, but you need to be persistent in use to achieve results.

  1. Best eyelash enhancer: Careprost

Careprost is an efficient ophthalmic preparation specifically used in the management of hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes). It promotes eyelash growth, making them darker and look fuller. It is a synthetic preparation made by using Bimatoprost (the active constituent of the ophthalmic formulation). It mimics the natural prostaglandin present in the eye. People with short eyelashes are suggested to buy Careprost eye drops to get longer and prettier eyelashes. It is a great option to solve the deficiency of eyelash hair due to the deficient activity of natural prostaglandin. Bimatoprost in careprost solution is an analogue of natural prostaglandins, which promotes prostaglandin activity and increase the length and density of eyelashes. In this way, the product beautifies your eyes by providing enough length with a density to them.

  1. Best over the counter prostaglandin- Bimat Eye Drops

Bimat Drops are used to treat hypotrichosis. It works by increasing the length, color, and thickness of eyelashes. The eye drops are also prescribed to people with glaucoma in order to reduce intraocular pressure in the eye. By alleviating the pressure, it reduces the risk of vision loss associated with open-angle glaucoma. It is considered a prostaglandin analogues type of medication. The eye drops lower the pressure inside the eye by increasing the flow of eye fluid drains out of the eye.Bimat also contains the bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 

  1. Best prescription product –Latisse

Latisse is the first FDA approved prescription treatment to grow eyelashes long and thick. The prescription formulation is meant to be applied to the upper lash line to make your lash strands grow darker and longer. It is believed to affect the growth phase of the hair follicle cycle of eyelashes. It works by increasing the length of the growth stage as well as increases the number of hairs in this growth phase.

Results with Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

These products should be used with care. For the treatment of inadequate lashes, use Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution with the help of a sterile applicator. The user should wash his/her face before applying the preparation. It is recommended to keep one drop of the sterile applicator and apply to the upper lash line usually once per day. Use this medication, preferably at night during bedtime.

Users may start to see results in four weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks. Remember the lash growth is gradual over time.

Final Verdict

No matter which eyelash enhancer you pick, your lashes will return to previous growth when you discontinue use of the product. You can try different eyelash serums and experiment which works best for you in a time span of one to two months. All these products have been shown to stimulate the length and density of lashes by 15% to 20% within 30 days. Choosing any one of them will be definitely a beautiful way to enhance your lash growth. They are most likely to increase the length and thickness of your lashes in the shortest period.