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  Bimat .03% Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution 

Bimat is an ophthalmic solutions whose active composition is Bimatoprost used for eyelash growth and It is for those seeking to reduce intraocular pressure. The ophthalmic solution also deals with the problem of short eyelashes.

Bimat is the topical treatment of an eye disorder such as glaucoma and hypertension in the eyes. An increase in pressure within the eye contributes to ocular hypertension. It may also cause glaucoma that can damage your optic nerves and lead to vision loss. The regular use of Bimat drops reduces the pressure in the eye by increasing the natural flow of fluid out of the eye. This balanced eye pressure assists in treating glaucoma and significantly reduces the risks of blindness associated with the condition.

Bimat for eyelash growth

Bimat is a topical solution for hypotrichosis, a condition defined by an inadequate eyelash growth. When applied properly on a regular basis, it can significantly increase length, density, and darkness of your eyelashes. It is successful in elongating and adding intensity to the color of lash strands. You can now get those dark, stunning, and attractive eyelashes with the help of Bimat eye drops. It is a good choice for dealing with short eyelashes. It is known to prolong the hair growth phase called anagen and increase the number of hairs to increase the thickness of lash strands.

Bimatoprost- The Active composition of Bimat

Bimat is a sterile ophthalmic preparation which contains Bimatoprost as the main component. It is a prostaglandin type of pharmaceutical ingredient. The active ingredient of the eye drops diminish the threat of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It acts as a prostaglandin, decrease the eye pressure by increasing the fluid activity in the eye. This reduction in ocular pressure alleviates the issue for hypertension of eyes and prevents vision loss. The bimat bimatoprost is as good as careprost, is safe and well tolerable with a few mild side effects that disappear with time.

Dosage instruction for Bimat

A patient diagnosed with Glaucoma and ocular hypertension can instill one drop once daily in the affected eye. Prefer instilling it in the evening time

For women and men with hypertrichosis, apply the solution once daily at the base of the eyelashes along with the skin of the upper eyelid margin.