A Ret Gel .1% (Tretinoin Gel .1)

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                                             A Ret Gel .1% 

A-Ret Gel .1% is Tretinoin gel. The main active ingredient present in A-Ret Gel is tretinoin (Retin- A), a form of vitamin-A that is mainly used for the treatment of various acne and acne blemishes. It is a very effective medicinal product that is prescribed by the physicians and dermatologists all over the world for the treatment and control of various acne related skin troubles.

Many dermatologists also recommend this drug for the treatment procedure related to reducing the wrinkles; darkened skin areas and removal of dead and rough skin.

Mechanism of action of the A ret Gel:

The exact mode of action of tretinoin is not known, but this form of Vitamin-A is known to cause the multiplication and division of the skin cells rather rapidly. As a result, of which the turnover of the cells is very rapid.

The drug is also known to cause the keratinization of the skin cell present in the topmost skin layer, thus reducing the formation of comedones.  Due to the rapid turnover of the skin cells and this keratinization, the cells of existing pimples are removed to form new cell layers.


    Strictly use the gel as prescribed by the doctor. Under any circumstances do not change the dose of the drug. The prescribed dose is the application of the gel once in a day before bedtime. In the case of confusion ask your doctor about the dosing information.

    Before applying the gel wash your hands and face properly with a non-irritating cleansing agent.pat dry the affected area where the gel is to be applied with a soft clot or let it air dry. Use the gel on the affected area and leave it untouched. Do not wash the area at least for half an hour before applying the gel.

    Side effects:

    In the case of any side effects do not implement the gel and contact your doctor immediately. There are no serious side effects associated with the use of the A-ret gel, yet you should be vigilant and careful.  You may observe common side effects such as the sensation of burning, itching, redness, peeling, dryness and skin color change, etc.

    Precautions: a few common things to remember

    • Do not apply any cosmetic over this gel
    • Do not venture out in the sun after using this gel
    • Ask doctor about the safety of this drug if you are pregnant or breastfeeding